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FAQs for LED strip lights,LED strips,LED light strips

1.What is the difference between SMD3528 and SMD5050 LED strip lights

There are currently 2 types of LED on the mainstream market, SMD3528 and SMD5050. The number is just the dimension for the SMD LED. 3528 is 3.5mm x 2.8mm, and 5050 is 5.0mm x 5.0mm. You will see the difference from the following picture. The width of circuit board for these two types of led tape are also different. SMD3528 has 8mm circuit board while SMD5050 has 10mm circuit board. 

Although the size of 5050 is just a little bigger, it's 3 times more bright than 3528 becasue it's tri-chip LED. Each SMD3528 is emitting 5-6 lumens while 5050 is 15-16 lumens. Each SMD3528's working watt is 0.08 and SMD5050 is 0.24. All these two types of LED strip lights are supplied in here in LEDluminous Ltd, for best lighting effects we strongly recommend you use the SMD5050 LEDs,beacuase SMD5050 LEDs light output is higher.

LED strips smd3528 smd5050 difference

2.What is the difference between Non waterproof,IP65, IP67 and IP68 waterproof LED Strips

IP65 LED strip lights is using epoxy glue covered on the printed circuit board and all LEDS.
IP67 is using silicon tube to fully cover the LED Strips with caps at both ends sealed.
IP68 waterproof is for the most waterproof LED strip lights to be used underwater like in the pool and pond. It is covered by the silicon tube and it is coated by a layer of epoxy glue between the LED strip lights and tube.

LED light strips different waterproof_grade
3.Can I cut the LED strip lights into pieces at any length?

Yes and no, for our flexible led strip they can be cut by 50mm, but it can't be cut to any length. See the picture below, each cutting potint is 50mm distant from the nearest point.
LED strip lights connecting potint

4.How to mount the LED strip lights

All our LED strip lights have 3M adhesive double side glue at the back. Simply peel off the 3M label layer, you can then stick it anywhere you like. 

LED strips-with-3m-adhesive-backing3m-adhesive-backing

5.What's the difference between warm white and white LED strip lights?

Warm white and white are the most widely used two colors for LED strip lights, the white color is a color kind of coldish, and the warm white color is a little yellowish. Please see the picture below for the difference
LED strips-warm-white-white-difference

6.How to Install single color LED strip lights or RGB color LED strips.

1) Install RGB color LED strip lights

 install RGB led strips

2)Install single color LED strip lights

single color LED strip lights install

7.The Wire Drawing of LED light strips

1)RGB LED strips install drawing diagram

rgb LED strip lights install drawing diagram

2)Single color LED strips install drawing diagram

single color LED light strips install drawing

8.What is the quality like for the LED strip lights


After years and years of research and development, our LED strip lights are solid and second to none. The lifespan for a normal led products are 50,000 hours. We are the largest LED Lights Supplier from China with own factory and all our products are More 2/3/5 years warranty.



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